I was focus not on the actors but on the incidents

I was focus not on the actors but on the incidents

I was focus not on the actors but on the incidents

I believe that we are all here to experience the joy of sharing ideas, opinion or just simple beliefs on issues we think worthy of discussion.

If you do not agree with what I’m saying, fine, I can live with that but to insinuate my purpose about my opinion is I think uncalled for. You may be a Leni follower and would opt to close your eyes http://rksloans.com/title-loans-ct or cover your ears every time an unfavorable story about her comes up and I have nothing against that. Check me if I insulted you or anyone here because of your views which I never do.

I prefer if you can tell me why I’m wrong in what I’m saying rather than imply that I’m up to no good. Let’s just discuss issues.

No juan, as a voter the issues you’re raising are unimportant. A personnel at a campaign office turning away a visitor for reasons and circumstances they only know is none of my (or your) business. That’s a side issue, not an election issue.

If you have no stakes in anybody’s campaign anyway, why the over abundance of concern for how they run it?

Thanks for the introduction to that term, Micha. It is very common, the fallacious twisting of minor events into huge character issues. Now I know what to call it and how to describe it.

In that blog, they shred Leni Robredo as a hobby

Are you also doing this “concern trolling” [pardon the use of Micha’s phrase, it is quite descriptive] on other exchanges among people leaning for the other presidential candidates, and where you are welcome to participate? Can you give us a feel of what you have done and notable responses from the exchange participants?

If I’m commenting on an issue not Leni Robredo-related I’m not a ‘troll’. But when I question or doubt or comment negatively on matters surrounding her, not specifically her, but those happening and people around her, I’m a troll.

I welcome a non-reaction to my posts than be called a troll. Why? Because I’m really not good in English and it is hard to compose 2 or 3 paragraphs using the language. It’s a learning process to me every time I write and express myself to share my ideas in a foreign language.

I get a mixed reaction. Some get personal, most engage me in a healthy, heated dialogue or debate. There are blogs where trolls troll other trolls. I stay on my lane. I really talk issues and discuss it. I don’t excite trolls because I write long (often in paragraphs). I want to spread all the details of the issue and trolls don’t like that.

I’ll give you an example. You can go to this site: That blog is dominated by Marcos loyalists and Duterte diehards. You can find my posts there, on the same name, and see if I am what you think I am.

They cheer for Bongbong, not so much with Duterte now because Digong flipped on their idol. I have a lot of posts there defending (on the mural issue) and criticizing (on video) Leni Robredo. I talked and defend Maria Ressa on relentless attacks and sometimes give Bongbong Marcos a fair treatment.

Yes, I have done a few comments on other blogs where I give my opinion on issues

Am I offended? No. Why would I? I believe those people who get mad at me are really good people in person. They just don’t want me to mess with their idols, beliefs or opinions. I welcome everything thrown at me in relation to what is being discuss. I was called names, cursed at, insulted, befriended, etc. But people mostly just argue or discuss with me and most times we icably to face off again on other issues. That is what blog is for. You discuss, debate and in the process teach and learn. Also, you HELP in your own small way to shed light on issues.

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