Name: Mateo Blessing
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14 November 2018
Size: Medium
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Yes
Health: Good
Good with other dogs: Good
Good with children: Unknown 
Pee and poo habits: Walked thrice a day
Understand basic commands: Yes
HDB approved: Yes

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Mateo was an incidental rescue on 14 November 2021 as our original plan was to try to get an injured dog.


Mateo took a while to trust us. He was very cautious of us initially perhaps because he was trapped, neutered and released under the TNRM program about a year ago. Sometimes experiences like this can be traumatic for the dog because they cannot understand why they were caught, put to a deep sleep, operated on and then wake up in an unfamiliar place and after a few days, being released back again. Nonetheless, Mateo started to understand that we meant him no harm as he observes how other dogs in the shelter respond to us in love and vice versa.

Brief Requirements:

1. As per AVS regulation, medium sized dogs are not of HDB approved size unless they qualify under ADORE. An owner of landed house or private condominium are allowed to keep up to 3 licensed dogs.

2. Adopter must agree to sterilize the dog and vaccinate it annually.

3. Adopter must allow home visits, if requested.

4. Adopter must have a proper space area for the dog. It must not be caged up, confined to a small space or tied to a leash throughout each day.

5. Adopter must be able to feed twice and walk the dog thrice a day (morning, evening & before bedtime) and bathe the dog at least once a week.

6. Clean water must always be made available to the dog.

7. To arrange a viewing of any dog for adoption purpose, your whole family must be present as adoption should be agreed as a family.

8. Dog license must be applied and renewed annually.

9. The monthly preventives of Heartgard and Nexgard must be continued.

10. The dog should be fed dog kibbles and dog wet food unless otherwise advised by the veterinarian (not leftover human food or vegetarian diet).