Can puppies drink human formula milk

Can puppies drink human formula milk

Yes BUT only in an emergency and it is not recommended for more than a few feedings.

Two main reasons: 

1) Dogs and puppies are generally lactose intolerant or lack the enzyme required to digest lactose found in human milk formula or cow milk. Hence feeding them such milk will make them sick or lead to soft stools, gas and diarrhea. This affects some pets more than others.

2) Such milk lacks the nutrients and vitamins the puppies need to survive.

IDEALLY, they should be fed dog formula milk bought from pet shops or veterinary clinics. If not, the next best thing to feed them is goat milk. Do not feed cow milk to a puppy.

Newborns must be fed milk every 2 to 3 hours during the first four weeks of their lives.

From 5 weeks of age, solid food (dry kibbles) can be slowly introduced by mixing it with the milk to soften them. Four feedings per day are usually sufficient. It is best to feed small amounts at frequent intervals, rather than large quantities infrequently, to prevent diarrhea and lower the risk of aspiration. Overfeeding can be worse than slightly underfeeding.

A good way to judge how much food to feed your puppy is to let it eat for ten to fifteen minutes then remove the bowl. You will soon be able to tell how much food the puppy needs, and whether they want more (if they clear the bowl quickly, for example).

At around eight weeks of age, your puppy should be completely weaned and old enough to eat kibbles as his staple diet without having to mix it with milk.

Dry food is highly recommended than canned or wet food because the latter contains more water and salt than a puppy needs and can lead to diarrhea. Feeding your puppy dry food also satisfies their need to chew, helps their developing teeth and even helps fight plaque.

Water is crucial to a dog. Always make water available to the puppy after feeding time, especially if they are eating dry food. Make sure that the puppy has access to water at all other times as well.

Up until 6 months of age, puppies should be fed three times a day. From 6 months old onwards, the feed ing can be reduced to twice a day.

You may give your puppy treats, but never more than 10% of their diet. Liver treats and chew treats are best for your puppy because they provide the puppy with extra nutrients and help their teeth grow healthy and strong.

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