Don’t let bathwater get into their ears

Don’t let bathwater get into their ears

When giving your dog a bath, owners should avoid letting water get into their ears and eyes. You should use your palm to cover their eyes and pull their ears downwards so that the bath water can’t get in. If you cannot do it successfully, then it is better to get a warm damp towel to clean their head thoroughly than to just hose water at their face.

According to some groomers, there is no need to shampoo around the eyes and on the ears, mouth and nose. The ideal is to shampoo the dog only from neck down. If shampoo gets into the dog’s eyes accidentally, it can cause severe irritation and infection.

After every bath, look inside his ears. A clean ear may contain some wax and shouldn’t have any particular smell to it.

You can certain that a very severe problem is happening when he has lots of black clumps of earwax because this often suggests damage to the brain. It could, however, just be a yeast infection in his ear, which is often accompanied with an odor.

Although ear infections are not life threatening, if left untreated, it can cause hearing damage. They can be easily treated at  home with an ear wash. However, if the problem is persistent, it will need vet care.

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