Inspiring Videos

Inspiring Videos

This week, we would like to share with you some videos related to dogs. Some will make you laugh. Some will remind you of God’s love for mankind – how He uses His creation to get through to us, how He teaches us lessons of unchanging faithfulness, loyalty and persistent love. Some people see these facets of God’s touch and appreciate it daily in their lives while some people never do. Animals such as dogs just simply have a way of melting the human hearts.

However, as believers, we must always put God first. There is a saying, “Dogs are man’s best friends.” I beg to differ. God is our best friend. The truth is that He is not only our best friend, but also our best Father, our best Healer, our best in everything good. While it is true that some dogs will sacrifice their lives for their owners in reciprocal love, Christ sacrificed Himself for us even before we did anything for Him. We can never match God’s love for us with any earthly relationships. Put God first and everything else you need in life will fall in place (Matthew 6:33).


Video 1:  Dog shows persistent love to a little boy with Down syndrome

Video 2:  A dog born with 2 legs inspires those who lost their limbs

Video 3:  How you make a baby stop crying?

Video 4:  This lady did not give up on a dog that was condemned to be euthanized. God never gives up on us. The human persevering spirit is inspired by our Creator, the Source of divine love, and we draw strength from Him to do things beyond us.

Video 5:  A dog that was thrown away as thrash was picked up by a family with a child of a rare medical condition. He became a blessing to them in many ways. Thrash turned into Blessings.

Video 6:  Dog comforts dying owner.

Video 7:  Dog’s super enthusiastic welcome for his owner (soldier)

Video 8:  Loyal Dog Found Next To Owner, Dead For About 30 Days

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