Nine Interesting Anatomical Differences Between Humans & Dogs

Nine Interesting Anatomical Differences Between Humans & Dogs

1) Body Temperature 
The normal body temperature of a human is between 36.8ºC and 37ºC. But for dogs, it is between 38ºC and 39.2ºC.

2) Sweat glands

Dogs sweat only through their paw pads and noses whereas humans have millions of sweat glands located all over the human body (skin).

3) Bones

We have approximately 206 bones in our body whereas the dog has around 320 bones in its body, depending on the tail or dew claws.

4) Intelligence

A dog’s intelligence is on par with a 2 to 2.5 years old kid. Meaning to say, it can understand 160 words averagely. The highly intelligent ones are capable of learning up to about 250 words. Dogs can also count up to four or five.

5) Digestive speed

Human takes 2-5 hours to digest food in the stomach. Dogs take about 4-6 hours to digest raw food and 10-12 hours to digest dry food in the stomach.

6) Length of intestines

The length of the entire intestine (small and large) found in an average human adult ranges from 27-30 feet. Dogs have a digestive tract length of approximately 3 times their body length.

7) Sleep hours

The average sleep hours of humans range from 7-9 hours whereas dogs sleep about 12 hours daily.

8) Pregnancy

On average, the canine pregnancy is about 2 months (58-68 days) while human pregnancy lasts about 9 months.

9) Location of taste buds

Majority of the dogs’ taste buds are clustered at the tip of their tongues, whereas humans can detect different tastes not only on their tongues but also under their tongues, on the insides of their cheeks, roofs of their mouths and even on their lips.

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