Why Does My Dog Have A Tendency To Step On My Foot

Why Does My Dog Have A Tendency To Step On My Foot

Have you wondered why your dog keeps stepping on your feet, or worse still, your dog stands on your feet? It is quite an interesting behavior and this short article hopes to clarify this habit.

Firstly, there’s again no scientific explanation for this behavior, so all these are just what experts feel might be the reason behind it.

Before we become very judgmental on our dogs, the first sensible reason is of course it may just be accidental, especially if they are big dogs, they tend to be a little clumsy in this area.

Another reason may be that the dog is trying to be the dominant one. In other words, it is an intentional action to so-called claim the human. This is not a serious problem so don’t over react.

Nonetheless, simple proper training should be started early. Whenever your dog stands on your feet, assuming a dominant posture, do not just remove your feet from it. There is also no need to scream at the dog. Say a firm “No” and then use your fingers to poke at its leg till it moves off from your feet on its own. You don’t have to poke so hard and injure its leg. Just use enough tempered strength to make the dog moves. Keep in mind that your body language speaks also. They will know whether you are kidding or serious.

Then when your dog backs off submissively (walk away, look away, ears tucked back, lay down, head down low etc), that’s when you know it worked and you’ve gone back to being the dominant one.

All being said, remember that it may just be an accidental clumsy act so don’t be too sensitive toward your paw pal.

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